In Memory of Pat Standard

Pat Standard has been described by some as “a force of nature”, unstoppable, driven, focused, compassionate and loving. Once she decided upon a goal, everyone knew that she would reach that goal no matter the obstacles.

Many years ago, she announced to her family that she was quitting her job. When asked what she was going to do, she replied “I don’t know, but God has told me that I need to help other people.” That single event would change her life and in many ways, change the lives of those around her



Several years later, Pat and her husband moved to Clayton, GA. She became involved in the local community thru St. James Episcopal Church. Working with two other individuals, they created Community Pantry, a non-profit focused on providing essential personal items to the needy. These were items that could not be purchased with Food Stamps. Community Pantry remains a valuable asset in Rabun County today.

In 2005, Pat recognized the need to increase the availability of food to needy people in Stephens County. Working thru St. Matthias Episcopal Church in Toccoa, GA, a small food pantry was expanded and volunteers recruited. A freezer and a refrigerator were donated. The food pantry operated out of two small rooms in the church office building

The economic recession of 2008 created a tremendous increase in the number of needy people. The food pantry refocused on how they could better meet the needs of the community. The decision was made to become a standalone 501(C)3 non-profit and in 2012 the food pantry officially became Neighbors 4 Neighbors, Inc. In 2013, N4N moved to a larger facility at 935 E. Tugalo St. Toccoa, GA. and currently remains at that location.

All of this service to the community was accomplished under Pat’s leadership and the never ending energy of the volunteers at N4N. The organization currently provides food to over 7500 people each year. Praise God!!

September 2015 brought a great loss to Pat’s family and the community. Her life was lost in a tragic accident, but her legacy will always live on in everyone who works to serve the needy.